Kyodo is an Asiatic ART OF MASSAGE originating from the ancestral Japanese technique Kobido. 
Paired with a precise and sensuous hand, it allows for a deep muscular workout.
It brings the individual back to its own ideal state of equilibrium and you will experience a unique deep state of relaxation.
Your face speaks for you! Worries, stress, preoccupations, lack of sleep, imbalanced lifestyle and visible signs of passing time can leave your face tired, hardened, saddened. This massage will restore your face’s energy, brighten it and let it radiate its natural harmony.
Taking time for oneself is also entering a door to letting go, to free oneself. It is allowing you to take some space and time to listen to your deep needs. Your vital energy will progressively find its own equilibrium again.
The circulation of energy will penetrate your whole body and you will be able to see the results on your face: it will become harmonious and enlightened.
Feel in balance so your inner energy can radiate towards outside. 

Is this an “anti-age” massage??
Yes, Kyodo represents a natural alternative to stimulating your youthful potential. Its beneficial effects can be felt as of the first session. This massage will:
• liberate and drain toxins;
• stimulate your blood’s microcirculation and ease the production of collagen and elastin;
• restore your skin’s glow and plasticity;
• relax and workout each muscle, each junction on your face;
• help you go through the years gracefully.

Why does this massage bring along such excellent results?
Each massage is tailor-made. The choice of techniques (drainage, stimulation, restoring balance, re-education) is adapted and dedicated to your face and to your face alone.
The alchemy of chosen moves, their variation in intensity and speed will allow the production of a genuine “lifting” effect on your face: restored tonicity of the neck, contouring of the face, cheekbones, forehead, zone around the eyes and the mouth, the nasolabial fold… All of these will be addressed.

Who can benefit from this massage?
Everybody, women and men. It can be integrated at the first appearance of signs of age on your face or as a cure for more devitalized skins. Each face will find its own rhythm! As a deep massage, it is thoroughly appreciated by men too.
Whether you are looking for results or not, you will leave completely relaxed and boasting with energy.


Energizing face massage « Kyodo »

Take care of yourself, allow yourself a relaxing moment while your face gets a beauty boost. 

30 min. - CHF 60.00
60 min. - CHF 120.00

Deep cure « Kyodo »

Regularity, patience and a bit of "maintenance". The duration and frequency of the cure is to be determined on a case-to-case basis.

Advantageous pricing depending on the number  and frequency of the planned sessions

"Kyodo" for men

Kyodo therapy adapted to the morphology and skin of men.

40 min. - CHF 100.00 

All oils used for these treatments (basis and essential oils) are exclusively natural products. They are chosen in accordance with your skin type and needs.


Body massage "Disconnect"

A massage from head to toe, complete and tailor-made. It is ideal for a wholesome relaxation. It allows for an increased concentration onto oneself and to disconnect from everyday hassles. It is truly a journey to experiment.

60 min. -  CHF 120.00 
90 min. -  CHF 170.00 
120 min. -  CHF 230.00

Back massage

Alchemy provided by a deep massage and a targeted invigorating massage of the face in order to alleviate signs of tiredness. In no time will you find renewed energy and harmony.

75 min. - CHF 135.00 

Body massage "Deep Tissue"

Slow and deep moves of the palms of the hands, forearms or elbows in order to dissolve muscular tensions on selected body areas: back, neck, legs, pectoral muscles, arms.

60 min. - CHF 120.00 
90 min. -  CHF 170.00 


I have very quickly become addicted to Kyodo. I find the treatment very relaxing and it brings me immediate well-being. The results on my skin are instantaneously visible and last - provided the sessions are regularly scheduled. I am a fan, especially of the wonderful and expert practitioner.

Dolores D. – 64 years old
March 8, 2019 

A monthly appointment for oneself which provides a fresh and relaxed complexion, a denser and plump skin. I can no longer go without it.

Catherine D. - 54 years old
February 7, 2019 

Thank you! Marie LN. Thanks to you, I have discovered this ancestral massage. Relaxation not only of the face, but also of the soul. The smell of the oils, the relaxing music under your hands one can really travel far away. It feels so good. Something to become "hooked upon". 

Micheline S. – 60 years old
January 23, 2018 


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